The New Meanderings of Megan

I’ve done it! I switched my blog over to WordPress (obviously, since you’re reading it here now). My previous blog had the same name, it was just on a different host (Weebly). I discovered how easy WordPress is to use and decided to switch to it.

The old Megan’s Meanderings is still available. So you can read all your favorite old posts: Night Man, My Birthday Party, My Love of Sidenotes, my Ode to Caffeine, My Cheesy Interaction and more.

I’d love to hear feedback on what you think of the new blog. As I built it, it will get better–more widgets, more plug ins, more awesomeness. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, as I write almost every post with the goal of putting a smile on readers’ faces (I say almost because sometimes I have to go serious. It’s tough, but I gotta do it).

Welcome to the new Megan’s Meanderings!


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