The Devil Went Down to Georgia

And by the Devil, I mean my family. (I actually just got really lazy on the title and came up with the first thing I could think of that included Georgia.)

Anyway, I spent five days in Columbus, GA for my brother’s Army graduation. He finished his 9-week basic training and his 5-week infantry training.

We left on Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. (so early! Or so I thought). We travelled to Moline, Ill.; flew to Atlanta, Ga; then to Columbus, Ga. We reversed our steps on the way back and got back to Hudson around 8 p.m.

This trip marked my first time flying…ever. I know, I’m 21 and haven’t flown before. Sad, but true. But all went well and I’m not scared off from flying (one complaint, though. I totally didn’t get my wings. On TV…i.e. Heavyweights…people get a wing-shaped pin when they fly for the first time).

We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express (yes, I felt smarter each day). The best part? Complimentary breakfast. Some days we got breakfast twice since we had to be up so early! (I enjoy the little things in life.)

Thursday, we got up at 6 a.m. to head to the turning blue ceremony. Turning blue means James got his blue cords. Blue is the color of the infantry, and only those inducted into the infantry can wear the cords.

The turning blue ceremony was the first time we got to see him since June. It was emotional and amazing. He was much skinnier than when he left (apparently the Army makes you do physical activity).

Megan's Meganderings

Me, James and Shannon at James' "turning blue" ceremony

We got to spend most of the day with James. He told us stories of his training adventure.

Friday was the actual graduation ceremony. We again had to wake up at 6 a.m. (mind you that was 6 a.m. Georgia time, 5 a.m. Megan time). The ceremony was outside, and we got to see an infantry demonstration (guns, smoke, stuff like that) and the Army band (my sister’s and mom’s favorite part).

After graduation, James had to go to processing for his next step—Airborne. He was there most of the day, but he got back in time to go to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner (one where they cook the food in front of you and you almost get your eyebrows burned off).

Saturday was a nice, chill day. We went on base (drove around lost for an hour…oops), bought our souvenirs, at lunch and saw where James would be doing his airborne training (jumping out of planes).

Then we sat in our hotel room all day because we were exhausted and the Georgia heat was killer! The lowest forecasted low temperature I saw was 68 degrees. Highs above 95. Yuck.

Sunday we traveled back. Nothing much exciting. Now I’m back to real life—working 35 hours per week, taking classes, balancing a social life—and I realize I would prefer to be on vacation full time.

Oh well, I’m not.

There will be more posts about my trip to Georgia. In fact, I think my trip is blog content for a least a month (kidding…sort of). So look for an update in the coming days (or weeks, depending on how busy life gets!).


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