Flashback: My Cheesy Interaction

One of my very first blog posts from my old Megan’s Meanderings blog. I posted part of this story as my Facebook status and it got a lot of feedback (Megan, you’re hilarious. Megan, you should start a blog. Megan, do you have any extra Cheetos I could have). It actually inspired me to start my blog. So thank Cheeto man, whoever he may be, that this blog exists to put a smile on your face.

So there’s this guy…in the computer lab…right next to me…crunch-a-munchin away on Cheetos. How am I supposed to get work done when A) I can’t hear myself think over the crunching B) My jealousy is distracting me because I want Cheetos and C) I’m getting Cheeto dust all over me due to his rapid, sporadic Cheeto gorging. (Side note: no, cruch-a-munchin is not a real word/phrase. I made it up. It’s copyrighted.) (Another side note: gorging is a real word. It means “to stuff with food.”) (Side note again: Maybe you’re thinking “wait, I thought gorge was a deep ravine.” It is. Good job.) (Last side note, I promise: I like side notes.)

I asked the guy if I could have some of his Cheetos; he just kind of looked at me. I don’t think he thought I was serious. I was. I’m going to revert back to the old elementary school adage: “if you want to eat in front of everyone in the computer lab, bring enough for everyone, or at least enough for the girl sitting next to you who loooves Cheetos.” I may have adapted that somewhat, but I think it’s pretty close to the original.

I don’t think he realized just how dangerously hungry I was. (I hope you caught the pun; Cheetos’ tagline is “dangerously cheesy.”) He never did share his Cheetos with me, so I had to settle for the milkshake I’ve had in my bag since last week.

Full disclosure: I have not been paid by Cheetos, or Chester Cheetah, to make these comments about Cheetos. I just think they’re delicious. I should be paid for it though. Chester, if you’re reading this, work on that.


An image of a real cheetah so I don’t have to worry about breaking copyright laws.


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