124 Things You Should NEVER Say

Okay, so I didn’t actually write down 124 things you shouldn’t say, but I did write down a lot. Of course, there are more than 124 things…I’ve just selected some to share with you. Can you imagine reading 124 things? That’s a long-ass list! You’d be asleep half way through.

I spared you, be thankful. Now heed my advice and never utter the following words/phrases:

When are you due?

Your birthmark looks like an alligator.

Are you going to finish that ice cream?

Can’t (had to throw a motivational one in there)

A Army


Oh my god. Is that your mom?

Your dog just told me THEE funniest joke.

This Twinkie’s out of date. I’m going to throw it out.

When do you turn 18?

Would you even fit through there?


Where’s the bathroom. Oh, nevermind.

When are you guys planning to break up?

There was a guy on cops who looked just like you!

Did the aliens ask you about American Idol too?

My friend and I have a bet going–are you a chick or a dude?


I never want to hear you utter these words/phrases. Ever. Have some to add? Throw them in the comments.


3 thoughts on “124 Things You Should NEVER Say

  1. #1 Fan says:

    I’m from Texas.

    We met through Facebook.

    I haven’t showered in…

    Sup bro?

    Use the debug system.

    How old is this pizza?

    That’s what he said.

    How often do you clip your toenails? – Seinfeld

      • #2 Fan says:

        If you read carefully, #1 Fan wrote, “Thats what he said,” which is completely inappropriate and should never be uttered. However, “That’s what she said,” is a phrase that should be used at least once a day.

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