I Love the Taste of Cheetos on my Lips

My first ever product review!

Now, while I haven’t actually tried this product, I feel like I can give a relatively accurate review of the product based on assumptions and past experiences.

The product? Cheetos Lip Balm.

Cheetos Lip Balm

No, I’m not kidding you. Apparently it came out in 2005 and, shockingly, didn’t exactly make a splash in the health and beauty market.

You should know by now that I’m a fan of Cheetos. They’re delicious. Remember My Cheesy Interaction? Ah, Memories. But seriously? Lip balm?

While I haven’t tried the product, I assume it’s similar to rubbing a Cheeto on your lips to turn them orange. I’ve done that before (maybe more than once), and I’m not a fan. It’s fun for a little while, but once the cheesy chunks are stuck in the creases of your chops, it’s not all fun and games any more. It gets serious. Picture this:

You have cheese dust on your lips–you thought it would be funny to turn your lips orange. That is until…Mom comes in. You weren’t supposed to be eating Cheetos before dinner, but you wanted the cheesy goodness on your lips, on your tongue and in your belly.

Before Mom sees you, you’re able to hide the Cheetos bag. But what can’t you hide? The shame and guilt on your lips in the form of orange cheese flakes. She knows. You know she knows. You put your head down, apologize and accept that you will not be receiving dessert tonight.

But was it worth it? You betcha.

I may have had some personal experiences like the one above…maybe.

The moral of this blog (and the above anecdote) is if you want the taste of Cheetos on your lips, don’t go buy Cheetos lip balm. Go buy a bag of Cheetos and rub them on your lips. Simple as that. Just make sure Mom doesn’t catch you spoiling your dinner.

Disclaimer: I feel it’s pretty obvious, but no, Cheetos did not send me free product to try so I would review it on my blog. I’m not that popular…yet. The day I get Cheetos lip balm in my mailbox for a product review is the day I know I’ve hit the big time. I’ll be waiting, Cheetos.

Props: Thanks to Cindy Angel, marketing professor at UNI and research manager at the Institute for Decision Making for opening my eyes to the world of Cheetos lip balm.

Also, while I was researching Cheetos lip balm, I found a similar product–Bacon Balm. WTF?

Bacon Lip Balm


3 thoughts on “I Love the Taste of Cheetos on my Lips

  1. Joan says:

    You’re right, there’s nothin’ like the REAL thing! You can actually scrape the Cheeto flakes off your lips with your teeth (maybe not quickly enough to avoid being caught by your mom, and not that I’ve ever tried it) whereas the Cheeto lip balm probably shouldn’t be ingested.

    Bacon lip balm? EEEEEEEW!

    Great blog, Meg. Love ya!

  2. Cindy says:

    What, Megan, I get no credit or a mention for introducing you to Cheetos Lip Balm?!?!?

    Good discovery on the bacon one — EEEEEW is right. But, what about bacon AND cheese together? Hmmmm.


    • Sorry, Cindy. Totally forgot–my mind was occupied with the Cedar Valley Chase and my trip to Washington, D.C. I’ll throw an update in there to give you props :)

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