A Sincere Post

I’m sad to report that James MacArthur, the original Danno on Hawaii Five-0, has passed away.

In essence, that means part of my mother has died. Need background? Here’s a blog I wrote a few months back:

As with most people (I’m going to go out on a limb and say everybody), the way I was raised explains a lot about who I am and how I act/think. In my family, humor is important. We handle just about every situation with humor.

Sometimes, that trait works out well. Because when you’re having a bad day, a good ol’ family e-mail chain can cheer you right up.

Below is an e-mail conversation between my mom and I. It’s by no means the most entertaining e-mail conversation between family members, but if I put those up, we’d probably all be put in the nut house. But the conversation did crack and me up and made my day a little brighter.

Background: My mom, Jessie and I are going to Washington, D.C. in October because I’m speaking at the PRSSA National Conference. We are in the process of booking flights and hotel.

Let the silliness begin:

Mom: Lots of details about flight—cost, times, layovers. Do you want me to go ahead and purchase the tickets?

Me: Book ‘em, Danno!

Mom: Sounds good.  I’ll send you the flight details once I get the arrangements made.
Love, Danno.

Me: Bahaha. I just loled at work at your signature. Nice one, Mom!

Mom: You started it, McGarret.

Me: I’m actually too young to get that reference without Google-ing it…and I’m too lazy. :)

Mom: McGarret –
I must be too young, too.  I did Google it.  Curious minds want to know. You are my boss.  You’re the one who says the famous line.

Me: I’m your boss? Sweet!
Did you Google pre-reference or post-reference (before or after you e-mailed)? If you did it before, then, as your boss, I approve of your thoroughness. If you did it after, then I scold you for using a reference without being 100% sure of what it means (and don’t mention that I totally did that with the book ’em danno thing).
– M (both for Megan and McGarret)

Mom: Before I emailed (whew!).  And I checked several sources. Thanks for your approval : ) Lucky for you, you nailed the Danno thing spot on.
– MD (Mom/Danno)

Me: This is all getting blogged by the way.

-end of e-mail chain-

Now, maybe I’m the only one who finds that funny. But who doesn’t love a good Hawaii Five-O (I had to Google/Wikipedia the name of the show) reference right away in the morning?

It’s easy to make someone’s day with a funny post, text or e-mail. Lucky for me, my family members do it all the time for me. We all have the same off-beat sense of humor (I suppose it comes from living together for 18 years) and we’re remarkably good at showing humor in writing (we’re also good at interpreting each other’s humor—a must in e-mail humor communication).

Do you have someone who can brighten your day with a quick text/e-mail/tweet/wall post? If not, find one. I’m open for hire.

I will leave you with a sincere:
Aloha suckers

Here is a mash up of a bunch of “book ’em Danno” scenes. I have no idea what the intro is for (“we now conclude this evening’s programming with a word from the lord”). Is McGarret lord?


We carried on with the Danno and McGarret reference for several weeks–including in this other e-mail chain. But now we will have to end the saga, as the original Danno has passed, and part of my mother went with him.


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