I’m Audrey Hepburn. A More Modern, Less Talented Audrey Hepburn.

Halloween is a big deal for my group of friend. In fact, we took it easy over Homecoming so we could rock it during Halloween (I know, it’s like I’m 40 years old).

Halloween starts early for us. We think of costume ideas and gather our supplies weeks before the big day. (In fact, I already know what I’m going as next year. No hints though.)

This year I went as Audrey Hepburn. I had a little black dress on hand, so I gathered the other AH essentials: cigarette holder, black gloves, tiara and bomb-ass necklace.

Sidenote: Halloween is now even more special to me, because one year ago on Halloween, I met Jessie. He was a gay rollerskating hooker (Terry from Reno 911), and I was a pregnant teen (Juno). It was meant to be.

Jessie as Terry

Jessie as Terry. Lookin' good.

(Apparently there is no photographic evidence of me as Juno, because I can’t find a single picture. Oh well!)

Because it was a special day, we took a picture we wouldn’t normally take (or post…normally I hate pictures like this on public platforms, but in this situation, I think it’s pretty cute).


This is one of two pictures like this you'll ever see of us. The other one will be at our wedding.

Back to the topic at hand.

The weekend started on Wednesday when Jessie, the roommates and I carved pumpkins. I carved a very traditional one, and Jessie carved Bender.

Pumpkins Megan's Meanderings


We also cooked (and burned…my bad) pumpkin seeds. So good, but so salty.

Then the festivities took a break until Saturday.

We started getting ready around 7 p.m. on Saturday. Jessie got his macho “bad Avatar guy” costume on (I’ve been too lazy to look up the character’s name), and I got dressed in my Audrey Hepburn attire. (Thanks to my roommates, Callie and Tara, and Therese for the help with the hair.)

Jessie and Megan

Hottest couple ever? Maybe.

We were looking purdy good.

The partay started around 9, and it was good times. Of course, everyone was dressed up (a requirement to get in).

Some of the costumes:

Remember, the point of Halloween (for the ladies) is to wear as few clothes as possible. There was a lot of skin showing with most of the costumes, and I saw a lot of girls who are going to have colds soon.

One of my roommates, Callie, knows my affinity for Cheetos. She had a cheetah-print dress on, so she agreed to pose with Cheetos so I could post it on here. She’s so nice.

Callie the Cheetah

So freakin' adorable.

At 11:30 we headed to the Hydrant on the hill. Good times. The Na’vi entered the costume contest. He got in the top 3, but he didn’t win because we were too lazy to stand in front of the stage and cheer–we’re old and we wanted to sit.

We saw some nasty costumes at the Hydrant–by nasty I mean revealing. I saw more cleavage, stomach and ass on that night than I’ve seen in the past year. Hopefully I don’t see any more until next year.

We left the bar at 1 ish (waaaay past my bedtime) and conked out shortly after.

Jess and I woke up bright and early on Sunday (11:30 a.m.). We walked out of my apartment to see two of our friends trying to get into one of their cars. Some douchebag in our lot parked within inches of her car, so one of them had to jump on the roof and shimmy in the door. A great scene to see shortly after waking up.

They successfully got into the car, and we all decided to go to Perkins for brunch. Delicious. Everyone else got breakfast, but I got a massive bacon cheeseburger. Sooo gooood.

And with that, my Halloween weekend ended. I had a great time, and I can’t wait until next year.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cover

For your enjoyment: my picture superimposed on the Breakfast at Tiffany's cover.

(The inspiration for the above cover.)

Want to see more pictures? Check out my Facebook. We aren’t Facebook friends? We should be; ad me.


2 thoughts on “I’m Audrey Hepburn. A More Modern, Less Talented Audrey Hepburn.

  1. Friendly Stalker also known as Boyfriend says:

    My favorite parts of the Halloween week in no particular order:
    my Bender pumpkin
    Cousin Eddie costume
    breaking off one of your pumpkins top teeth creating a hillbilly pumpkin
    Callie’s cat tail
    the aftermath of drinking root beer schnapps mixed with milk
    your Audrey Hepburn hair
    your Audrey Hepburn hair after the hairpins were removed haha…hair EVERYWHERE
    Mario coin battle
    Cleavage Fairy at the Hydrant…only because it was so disturbing

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