Creating a Need

I don’t consider myself a germaphobe, but I do consider myself “germ conscious.” As such, I notice products and commercials that play to my germ awareness.

Well this summer, Kleenex started running ads for single-use towels. See the commercial below.

And LYSOL started running ads for their no-touch soap dispensing system.

As a germ-conscious American, these products struck me as completely necessary. But as a marketer, I realized these companies are just creating a need.

We’ve gotten by for centuries with regular hand towels and old-fashioned soap dispensers. And no one died, did they? Oh, wait. But still. Kleenex and LYSOL are making people want products they don’t need, so I’d like to say “congrats” as a marketer, and “you suck” as a germ-conscious citizen.

The product are cool and anti-germy, but they’re really not necessary. Yes, hand towels get gross–that’s why we wash them. And have you ever touched the top of the soap dispenser then NOT washed your hands? I haven’t (think about it).

Though my germ-consciosity (made up word, don’t look it up) makes me want the products, I will resist. I will contently use my reusable hand towels and my germ-filled soap dispenser.


2 thoughts on “Creating a Need

  1. Germ says:

    These products drive me insane. The first time I saw the No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser my bullshit-o meter went off. This product is so stupid my head almost exploded. You wash your friggen hands after you touch the top of a soap dispenser! AHHHHH!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY THIS PRODUCT EXISTS!!! Or, simply clean the dispenser with the soap…THAT IS IN THE DISPENSER!!! How stupid and lazy can people be to fall for this crap. The disposable hand towels do not make me nearly as angry but they are still pretty dumb and play on people’s fear (ignorance) of germs. I’m assuming this product is being marketed to individuals for their homes not places like schools (where this product might make sense(but don’t those places buy cheap brown paper towels in bulk?)) The towels make me more angry about America’s wasteful consumerism and how we think everything has to have packaging, should be used once, and then thrown away to sit in a landfill forever….but this is a whole other issue. Good blog……and if you ever buy either of these things they will be destroyed the instant I see them.

    • Jessie, if you’re going to comment on my blog, organize your thoughts. This comment is sloppy and unorganized. Lists and the use of bold text are helpful. If you’re going to guest pot on my blog, you need to organize your thoughts more clearly.

      Also, if I ever purchase these items (who knows with my germ consciousness), I will keep them hidden from you.

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