I may or may not actually like these things. You’ll never know unless you speak fluent sarcasm

As I’ve mentioned before, I live my life enjoying the little things. I try to find enjoyment in any situation. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy.

This is a list of things I like (you’ll never know if I actually like them because I wrote the list in sarcasm. If you don’t speak sarcasm, get out).

And thus begins the list:

When old people dress as teens: There’s nothing better than seeing an old person (whatever “old” is to you) dressed in clothes that clearly belong to someone two generations behind them.

Megan's Meanderings

Visual approximation. Note: mentally add to the picture a comment bubble with the lady saying "I'm a terribly drawn 50-year-old who has no hands, no feet and no belly button. I enjoy dressing like my teenage daughter.

Sidenotes: I love sidenotes (even though they’re unnecessary).

Awkward elevator rides: I love getting on an elevator and watching how people position themselves–around the edges and as far away from others as possible. Eventually I want to do a study of how many people pull out their phones on elevators simply to avoid awkward conversation. Personally, I’m a fan of starting a conversation to make my fellow elevatorees feel uncomfortable.

Side story: I was in a hotel elevator, facing an 11-floor ride. I was in there with a middle-aged man–probably 45–who was obviously on a business trip. He had a shiner (that’s a black eye, for those of you who, well, didn’t know that). The first 2 floors were awkward, so I decided to strike up a conversation.

Referring to his  shiner, I asked, “Did the ninja in the lobby get you too?”

Without missing a beat, the man said, “Nah. I got past the ninja, but I got tied up at the invisible troll. He caught me just under the overpass. I didn’t see it coming.”

We stepped off the elevator together, my face still showing obvious signs of shock, awe and complete amazement. I just want to say thank you, sir, for making that elevator a little less awkward and a little more awesome.

Anywho, let’s continue.

Snickers: Not much to expand about on this one. I just really like Snickers. Disclaimer: I didn’t get paid to mention Snickers. But I am hoping the Snickers people (like the Cheetos people) will pay me in Snickers for mentioning their product. I’m not getting my hopes up.

When people wait for the walk signal at crosswalks even when there are no cars: If I’m at a crosswalk and there are no cars coming, I go. I enjoy watching people wait for a walk signal, when there’s clearly no chance of getting run over.

On a sidenote, I know it’s illegal to hit a pedestrian with your car when they’re crossing the crosswalk, but if they’re outside those white lines, is it legal to hit them? I’m unclear on that. I’ll do some research and report my findings.

These are the things I love. I love a lot more things than this, but these are the ones I could make funny. Have some to add? Comment.


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