We picked the worst day ever to go to MN. But it was awesome. Part 1

This weekend Jess and I went to Minneapolis to see a stand-up show. We left bright and early (noon) on Saturday for our normal, “nothing-bad-or-surprising-is-going-to-happen” trip.

On our way to Minneapolis, we stopped at the Medford outlet mall. If you don’t know what that is, get to know it. It’s a big (about a block) strip mall with dozens of outlet stores. They have sales so big you’ll crap your pants (see why I want to be an advertising copywriter? I’m a natural).

After we each got a few hawt (hott for you old folks) tops, we hit the road again and continued our trip to the Twin Cities.

We arrived, parked, ate dinner and headed to the show. We saw Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show at the State Theatre. It was hilarious. My face hurt from laughing so much.

Megan's Meanderings Comedy

This was the stage before the show...and during the show (except during, there were people on it). You're not allowed to take pictures during the show, so this is the best you get.

The show was the last stop on the tour and featured Vince Vaughn (obvs), Nick Swardson (eff yea!), Steve Byrne (OMG) and Owen Benjamin. I wasn’t sure I’d like Vince Vaughn. He was okay, but he definitely wasn’t my favorite part of the show. I’ve loved Nick Swardson and Steve Byrne for years–since their Comedy Central specials–so it was unreal to see them live.

Sidenote: Jessie looks a lot like Nick Swardson. He actually went as one of his characters last Halloween (Terry from Reno 911).

I had never heard of Owen Benjamin (I might have seen some of his stuff on Comedy Central, though) and I didn’t know he would be so damn funny. I now have a new comedian on my “comedians I love” list.

The entire show was funny. I laughed the whole way through. I really want to post some of the jokes they told, but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. I’m sure you’ll hear some of them in upcoming stand-up specials.

Throughout the show Vince Vaughn did sketch comedy with some random actors/comedians. They did improv and made fun of Top Gun (it would have been funnier if I had actually seen Top Gun). The random actors (surprise guests) were Faizon Love (one big sum-a-bitch) and Peter Billingsley (the little kid from A Christmas Story).

At the end of the show, the entire “cast” sang “Don’t Stop Believing,” which happens to be one of my favorite songs. Swardson and Byrne came out with their shirts up, all oiled up, in reference to the Top Gun sketch. Hawt. They may or may not have been wasted. I would put money on they were wasted.

Toward the end of the song, Faizon Love (remember, the big sum-a-bitch) came out to sing. He also had his shirt off and was all oiled up. It burned my eyes, but I couldn’t look away.

They definitely ended the show (and the tour) with a bang. A drunk, disgusting, shirtless bang.

Confused as to why I titled this post the way I did? It didn’t seem like much of an adventure…did it? Well, our adventure didn’t start until after the show. Read about the craziness in part two…coming soon.

Updated! We picked the worst day ever to go to MN. But it was awesome. Part 2 is now up. Read about how our adventure ended.


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