We picked the worst day ever to go to MN. But it was awesome. Part 2

If you haven’t read “We picked the worst day ever to go to MN. But it was awesome. Part 1,” do so now.

Done? Okay, let’s begin part 2.

After the hilarious comedy show (hilarious and comedy might be redundant, but it was THAT good), we left the theatre and headed back to our car. Sort of. We actually wandered around aimlessly (by aimlessly, I mean lost) for half an hour. It was cold.

Eventually we found our car and headed home. This is actually when the real adventure started.

While we were wandering lost around downtown Minneapolis, we noticed it was starting to rain (well not so much rain as ice). Because of this, Jess drove nice and slow. We didn’t think it was bad, but when we merged onto I-35, we noticed the cars around us were rocking a 20-MPH pace. Turns out, it was sick. Real slick.

We drove 9 miles in an hour (for you math fans, that averages out to a speed of 9 miles per hour. Check my math). We saw at least six accidents (just fender benders. Probably no serious injuries) and watched cars slide from lane to lane.

After driving 9 miles, Jess spotted a hotel. We pulled off the interstate because, let’s face it, it would have taken 10+ hours to get home at the pace we were going…and it was already 11 p.m. We’re old. We can’t stay up that late.

We pulled into the hotel parking lot. And by “pulled into,” I mean slid into. Jessie’s car actually started sliding down a hill and there was nothing he could do about it. Eventually he was able to get control and get into the check-in parking area. Another hotel guest was walking (sliding) into the hotel. He saw Jessie’s slide and slide recovery and called him “heroic.” (At least that’s what Jessie said…he might have been BSing me.)

Jess got our room and we found a  parking spot.

Walking from the car to the hotel (about 60 yards) was one of the most physically demanding things I’ve done in a while (don’t mock me. I don’t work out. OK it wasn’t THAT physically demanding, but it was tough). It took coordination, balance and a whole lotta effort. It took at least five minutes to walk (slide) the 60 yards to the hotel door.

The parking lot and sidewalks were literally covered in a sheet of ice. Literally. I was sliding all over the place, Jess was sliding all over the place. It’s amazing neither of us wiped out.

We finally made it into the hotel. We thawed off and went to bed…thoroughly exhausted.

We woke up this morning and headed back to the safety of Cedar Falls. It rained the whole way back (I assume. I was sleeping) but we made it.

What was supposed to be a normal, uneventful trip turned into an exciting, nerve-wracking adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


3 thoughts on “We picked the worst day ever to go to MN. But it was awesome. Part 2

  1. Tara says:

    Okay so that was quite funny reading about how it took you 5 minutes to walk to the hotel because you don’t work out HAHA I love it because I totally feel your pain! I carried our christmas decorations upstairs and just about had an asthma attack! Maybe we should visit our lovely WRC maybe at least once a semester!

    • It took 5 minutes to walk to the hotel because it was icy. Not because I’m out of shape. Jessie barely beat me there and he’s in good shape. It was more of a muscle control exercise than cardio. I’m terrible at both, though, so apparently your point is valid.

      If we make a visit to the WRC once a year, it’s a deal. Twice a year is really pushing it.

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