Surely You Can’t Be Serious

I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Megan's Meanderings Naked GunThis week, a legendary comedian passed away. Leslie Nielsen was an inspiration. A hilarious inspiration. Not so much an inspiration, just hilarious.

My parents raised me right–on classic comedies. We didn’t go to the movie theater much when I was a kid, so the movies I was exposed to were comedy classics like Animal House, Airplane, The Jerk and the Pink Panther. Maybe they’re not the most appropriate movies for young children, but I turned out okay…mostly.

Leslie Nielsen was one of my favorite comedic actors (along with a slew of others. You’ll find out as they die I’m sure) . I’m not one to watch random movies on TV, but if I saw he was in one, I’d sit down and watch it.

He was in more awesome movies than I can even name: Airplane, Mr. Magoo, Naked Gun (the original, 2 1/2, and 33 1/3). And while I didn’t like the later Scary Movies (3 and 4 I think), I did like Leslie Nielsen’s roles as president.

He had a natural humor about him. He could make me laugh with the least of effort (or maybe he was trying really hard, I’m not sure. I never actually met the man).

I will sincerely miss Leslie Nielsen movies (I can’t say I’ll miss him because I didn’t know him, and honestly, his death doesn’t directly affect my daily life). I will leave you with a few of his memorable clips.

Surely you can’t be serious

I’m a locksmith…and I’m a locksmith

And I leave you with a fart take:


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