Q&A Session With a Fellow Blogger

By fellow blogger, I mean myself. I found this article called “8 Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger” and as a blogger, it’s my prerogative to answer the questions as I see fit. Here goes!

1. Are you blogging about your passion?

No. My passion is rainbows. I didn’t feel that was a substantial enough subject to blog about.

2. Do you know your audience?

I don’t know. I assume my audience is crazy awesome people like me, so that’s who I write for.

3. Are you building a community?

It’s more of a cult.

4. Are you solving your reader’s problems?

Ha! No. I’m probably causing more problems than I’m solving.

Sidenote: I have more than 1 reader, so I’m going to pretend the question was “Are you solving your readers’ problems?” Apparently the author of the blog post only has one reader.

5. Are you instilling the urge for community response?

I don’t even know what this means. So probably not.

6. Are you a “thinker” and “planner” instead of a “doer”?

I’m pretty sure I’m all three rolled into one. I plan EVERYTHING and I’m an over thinker. But I get stuff done. Give me a task, I’ll do it. If I want something done, I’ll find a way to get it done. I guess you could consider me a “thoughtful, hard-nose knight in shining armor.” (Man, I hope that nickname doesn’t stick. That’s a terrible nickname.)

7. Are you blogging with a backup plan?

Uhhh…No. I have no backup plan for if my blog gets hacked. If it gets hacked, I’ll just assume the hacker thinks they’re funnier than me.

8. Are you striving to deliver on each one of your posts?

Depends on my mood.

Of course I strive to deliver on every post. What? Do people think I pump out crap? That I only actually try on a couple posts? Okay maybe.


I hope this question/answer session helped you. It did absolutely nothing for me…except give me blog content. I guess I just got my answer to question 8.


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