Classes I Wish I Had

My education at UNI has been great. I’ve learned skills I’ll use in the work world, and I feel prepared to enter a career right after graduation (post job offers below). But there are some classes I wish I had–skills I wish I’d learned in class rather than having to teach myself.

My Custom List of Classes I Wish I Had:

Megan's MeanderingsSocial Media – So far we’ve only dabbled in social media in my classes (If you remember Pat from my previous blog, that teacher actually taught social media from a book written in 1999. Awesome). But spring semester, UNI’s College of Business Administration is offering “Digital Advertising.” I’m glad I spent time learning about social media marketing because, hey, it may come in handy some day. But I wish I’d had a class on it before my senior year.

Megan's MeanderingsChip to Dip Ratio Perfection – Mostly I just want to take a class where we just practice getting the perfect chip-to-dip ratio. It’s a key skill that any professional needs, and it can only be mastered with practice. What if you’re at a dinner party serving chips and dip? Imagine speaking with someone who could help you bump up your career when you decide to indulge yourself. But instead of scooping the perfect amount of dip, you accidentally get too little dip. In fact, you barely got any. Do you go back in for more–resembling a double dip? Or do you eat the chip with too little dip and accept that you embarrassed yourself in front of an important person? (The class would also provide training for situations like this, as well as other social situations involving chips and dip–cookouts, barbeques, Super Bowl parties and more.)

Megan's Meanderings

AP Style – I’m a huge AP Style stickler. Ask anyone in PRSSA. But all my classes ever taught me about AP Style was “to follow it.” Thank goodness I had awesome internships to teach me the ins and outs of AP Style. (For those of you who don’t know what AP Style is, Google it.)

How to feign listening – Sometimes, you just can’t pay attention. Meetings can be boring, you can be tired or a combination of the two. But when it’s obvious you’re not paying attention, you get in trouble. So what if it could look like you’re paying attention, even when you’re not? This class would train you how to look like you’re listening, even if you’re daydreaming.

Media Relations – I was a PR major for a while (I was going to double major in Marketing and PR until I realized I hated the PR program), and I never once spoke with a member of the media. Isn’ t that what PR is all about? What would have happened if I just majored in PR–I’d be totally unprepared to enter the world as a professional! (Unless of course I took it upon myself to learn everything…which I would have.)

Napping 101 – Honestly, I just want a nap in the middle of the day. It would also be nice to get credit for it.

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One thought on “Classes I Wish I Had

  1. I found your blog because of your chip and dip reference — hilarious. Want to write a guest blog post about your thoughts on chips/dip at a party for the Saucy Dipper?

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