Random Thoughts I Had on my Day Off Yesterday

Yesterday was my day off…well…my day off from work (both jobs!). I had two finals and had to finish studying (okay, start studying) for those finals. But, any day I don’t have to go to work is a day off. Don’t get me wrong, I love working–it keeps me busy–but a day of bumming around (sort of) and eating whatever I want whenever I want is needed every once in a while.

When I have days off (again, I had tons of stuff to do, I just wasn’t at work), I have too much time to think. When I have too much time to think, I go crazy. To avoid craziness yesterday, I wrote down my random thoughts and am graciously sharing them with you now. You can thank me later.

And thus begins the list of random thoughts I had on my day off yesterday:

– Can anyone tell it’s my day off? Do the sweatpants and obvious “I don’t care today” look give it away?

– One test down, one to go. Maybe I should get a hot chocolate and a mini massage at the union. Yea, I should definitely do that.

– Why must the fire alarm go off during my free mini massage?

– I’m moving to Florida. This place is too damn cold.

– I must be caffeine deprived, because this hot chocolate is giving me the sugar shakes.

– I always have to censor myself when I’m writing my blog posts…it’s always in the back of my mind that my bosses, my mother and my grandmother read everything. Seriously. Every word. The other day my grandma e-mailed me about a typo (thanks Grandma!).

– Continuing from previous thought–did you know prerogative is spelled “prerogative”? Who the hell decided on that spelling? I vote we change it to perogative. All in favor, say “Aye.”

– I don’t wanna study. I think I’ll blog instead.

– Would it be weird if I wrote my own obituary?

– Using the title of this blog in the copy (just before this list) will totally help with my SEO. Anyone who Googles “Random thoughts I had on my day off yesterday” will totally be led to this blog. Woah, I included it again. This post’s ranking is going to be spectacular!

– What if I fail  my test because I’m writing this blog instead of studying? Nahhh.

– How many people look at my blog? Wow. More than 1,000 total views on my blog. Sweet!

– Maybe I really should study.

– Woah…I was not prepared for this final. I wonder why…

– Thank goodness this semester is over.

– Woops. I forgot to shower today.

I know…yesterday was a day full of profound thoughts. And profound procrastinating. But today it’s back to the normal tug and pull of work. I’m sure I’ll have just as many odd thoughts, I just won’t have time to write them down.

Did you have any random thoughts that are worth sharing? Put them in the comments or tweet them to me (@meganhorn) as they come.

Apparently my overly obvious SEO tactics do work. I’m #1 for the search “Random Thoughts I Had on my Day Off Yesterday.” Not sure how many people search that phrase, but if they do…you know where they’ll end up. Here!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts I Had on my Day Off Yesterday

  1. One in for the “change the spelling of prerogative” initiative (I’ll work on the name).

    And we’ll see if my SEO genious works. Because I mean everyone searches “Random Thoughts I Had on my Day Off Yesterday” don’t they? Woah, did it again.

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