What I Learned This Semester

I love UNI. I’m proud of the education I got, and I’ll be proud to say I’m an alumnus. But this semester, I learned less than I paid for. I’m glad it’s over, and wanted to take some time to reflect.

I took three classes:

  • Operations Management – I learned the most in this class, simply because it’s a subject I’m not knowledgeable about.
  • Interactive Marketing – I love this subject. I find it fascinating and I want to include it in my career. But I didn’t actually learn anything in this class, just because I already knew it. Before entering the class, I had already run several social media campaigns and been blogging for months. I enjoyed the class, it was just boring and redundant.
  • Campaign Methods – Not only did I learn nothing in this class (I obviously didn’t learn about the use of double negatives), I was taught incorrect information. (Reference: Incorrect Grammar 101: A Lesson in Terrible Teaching.) I sat through three hours per week (due to the attendance policy) to be preached outdated and incorrect information. (When the professor “taught” social media, he/she taught from a book written in 1999. No joke.)

Although the semester was tough and frustrating (mostly Campaign Methods), I did learn a few valuable lessons:

  • You can be a professor even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.
  • Kidney stones hurt.
  • If you steal a syllabus from the Internet, you won’t get fired (even though if I steal a sentence, I get kicked out of school).
  • Girls looooove drama.
  • As long as you talk for the whole class period, it’s considered teaching.
  • College class lesson plans can be taken from sketchy websites. One professor took a lesson from this site. Looks legit, right?
  • Daylight Savings is delightful. Next semester I might have a different opinion.
  • Night class sucks (I know this already, but it’s worth repeating).
  • As long as you don’t walk to the shower naked, you won’t have to walk back naked, even if you forget your towel. (Forgetting my towel and having to walk back naked used to be one of my biggest fears…until I realized that I would always have my dirty clothes to wear back.)
  • Leading a group project means doing the work no one else wants to do.
  • “Normal” doesn’t exist.
  • If you have 18 people in a group, nothing will get done.
  • No matter what you say, how you say it and who you say it to, someone will take your comments out of context.

They’re not the most profound life lessons, but it’s about all I got out of the semester. Thank goodness I had work to challenge/teach me and keep my brain working. Otherwise, I would be a blob of brainless matter. And therefore not able to write this blog. And that would suck. For you. And me.


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