Do They Serve Hamburgers in Heaven?

You’ll soon notice the title of this blog post has little (okay, nothing) to do with the content of this blog post. It’s just something I’m curious about.

I promised you on Monday that I’d tell you what I did over break. I know you care and that it’s extremely important to you to know what I did over break, so here it goes.

I ate, I slept, I played games, I watched TV, I watched movies, I ate more, I visited family, I gave presents, I got presents, I hung out with Jessie, I went on walks, I learned how many days I could wear the same sweatpants, I exercised, I partied and I gambled.

Now for an itemized description of each activity:

I ate: I sure did! I ate a lot! Isn’t that was the holidays are all about?

I slept: There’s really no description for how much I slept. I would go to bed at 11 p.m., wake up at 10 a.m. and nap at 2 or 3. Good times.

I played games: I got some quality time with the Wii. Played some Super Mario Bros and some of the new Donkey Kong Country. Good, clean, mindless fun.

I watched TV: So much terrible TV! Daytime TV sucks, but I watched it!

I ate more: Honestly, eating made up so much of my break that I had to include it twice.

I visited family: I saw my whole immediate family (including James!) both sets of grandparents, two of the three aunts/uncles, and Jessie’s family.

I gave presents: I’m a terrible gift giver (and wrapper…and rapper), but I gave gifts anyway.

I got presents: I got sweet presents actually. I got plenty of cash monies and gift cards (always useful). I also got massage gift certificates, socks (thanks, Mom), candy, Wii games, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVD pack (thanks, Shannon/Jon), a chip/dip serving dish, and a jewelry that belonged to my great grandma. I’d say I had a pretty good gift-getting year.

I hung out with Jessie: We got to spend a lot of quality time together. And I don’t hate him yet, so he must be alright.

I went on walks: Jess and I went on several outdoor, winter wonderland walks. They were cold, but fun. We walked around the farm in his native land (NW Iowa) and we bravely traveled across the (3 foot) river (creek) by his apartment.

I learned how many days I could wear the same sweatpants: 7

I exercised: Ha no, just kidding. I don’t do that.

I partied: Once, maybe twice.

And I gambled: Jess and I went to the casino with some friends. I lost…I’ll leave it at that.

I had a pretty awesome break and I’m sad it’s over. The real world just isn’t as relaxing. Somehow, I think I’ll survive.


2 thoughts on “Do They Serve Hamburgers in Heaven?

  1. If your vacation DOESN’T include ample amounts of eating, then there’s something very, very wrong with your scenario. :) The Wii was always on at my apartment, too! Spent a lot of time getting to know Rock Band 3 and the new keyboard attachment…I love holidays!

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