My Laundry List of Complaints About the Phrase “Laundry List”

Lately I’ve noticed people–co-workers, friends, Barack Obama–using the term “laundry list.” The other day I even noticed myself using it! Never again.

I don’ t understand the phrase. To-do list? Sure. Grocery list? Yea. But laundry list?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t make a list of the laundry I have to do. I put it all in my handy dandy hamper and take it home for my mom to do (kidding. I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was in fourth grade).

Laundry List Megan's Meanderings

Wouldn't it be awesome if I actually had clothes like this? My laundry list would be "throw your clothes away."

Here’s what I think of when I think of a laundry list…not that I’ve ever made one before:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Undies
  • That jacket I tried wearing that didn’t really work out
  • Pillow cases
  • Towels

Where did the term even come from? The always reliable had a decent explanation. Too bad it was TL;DR (too long; didn’t read for all you old folks).

I don’t know how the phrase never died (considering it’s been decades since normal people had their laundry sent out. It’s called a washing machine). And I’m even more dumbfounded that it’s becoming even more popular. Hell, Obama used it in his State of the Union Address…and so did all the media covering it!

Starting now, I’m adding “laundry list” to my ever-expanding laundry list of phrases I dislike.

Okay wait, starting now.


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