So Many Superb Owl Commercials, So Little Time

As I mentioned in my last post, I like watching the Superb Owl commercials, as most people do. (Also note that I’m using the phrase “Superb Owl” on purpose…see my last post.)

As I mentioned, Doritos rocked it. I always love their Superb Owl commercials, and this year was no exception.

Snickers also continued their campaign that started during last year’s Superb Owl with Betty White Getting tackled with this ad:

Mostly I just enjoyed seeing Roseanne Barr get tackled.

Bud Light always spends millions on Superb Owl advertising. But this year, the ads didn’t do much for me. Some other big brands didn’t step it up–McDonald’s, Chrysler, Pizza Hut…and if I ever see a Pepsi Max commercial again, someone’s going to get punched in the face.

Honestly, my favorite commercial was for HOUSE. It mocked the iconic 1980 Coke ad with Mean Joe Green.

Those ads were entertaining, but an ad that was entertaining AND had a good concept was this Audi ad.

“Escape the confines of old luxury.” Nice.

I’ll continue reviewing the commercials this week. Want me to review any specific commercials? Let me know. If it was shown during the Superb Owl, I likely have an opinion about it.


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