Wait…Eminem is Still Alive?

Eminem did two commercials during this Superb Owl. This one for Brisk:

And this one for Chrysler, though it seemed like it was more for Detroit than for the car (and it was like two whole minutes):

And of course Diddy (or whatever his name is now) had to be in a Benz commercial:

And Ozzy and Bieber co-starred in a Best Buy commercial…”What’s a Bieber?”

Even the Black Eyed Peas did some endorsements. I’m not going to show those because the halftime show was so terrible that the BEP don’t deserve any more publicity.

Seriously. The halftime show was terrible. Worse I’ve ever seen–even worse than the 90-year-old Stones. I’m not going to post any clips from it because, well, I don’t want you to have to suffer through that.

There are still more reviews coming. If you have a commercial you really want me to review, let me know.


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