Random Meanderings

Remember the craziness of the random thoughts I had on my day off a while back? Well, there’s more where that came from!

“Economic” is one of the hardest words for me to type. That and “entrepreneurship.” I know how to spell ’em, my fingers just won’t type ’em.

I got the most awesome spam comment ever on my anniversary blog. (Click the image to see it bigger.) It makes no sense…at all…but it’s hilarious.
Megan's Meanderings Funny Comment

Remember when you could make life decision by playing eeny, meeny, miny, mo or pulling pedals off a flower?

You should probably subscribe to the blog. Type in your e-mail address on the right sidebar, and Megan’s Meanderings come straight to you! Awesome.

I found the secret to weight loss–Fat Free Bubble Gum!
Megan's Meanderings Fat Free Gum

If I was Cee Lo, I would just post my hit song’s lyrics on my Facebook/Twitter every day. Easy content and great promotion. (If you don’t know the lyrics to Cee Lo’s hit song, don’t go searching. It’s not the most appropriate song in the world…but it is catchy!)

I was just writing some Web copy and accidentally typed “sharted” instead of “started.”

I have an inkling my neighbor smokes. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’m looking into it.
Megan's Meanderings Smoking

Who came up with the word “vacuum”? Two Us in a row? That’s ridiculous!

No, group member, the cover page doesn’t count toward our page count minimum.

My signature on electronic credit card machines looks like a drunk three-year-old on E wrote it. Artist’s rendering:
Megan's Meanderings Signature

Those are all my random thoughts for now. Want more? Follow me on Twitter…or read my mind.


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