Grow some cojones, UNI

Sometimes when I’m bored and want to feel better about myself, I visit Go ahead. Take some time and explore the site. You’ll probably regret the waste of time, but it’s worth it.

Basically, it’s a site where people can anonymously post about their crushes. For example, a female can post that she see’s a blonde male at the union and is interested in him. Really proactive, huh?

Come on, UNI. Get some courage. I’m ashamed of you.

How likely is it that the random person you “like a little” will read the post, realize you’re talking about them and respond. I bet it happens all the time. Then you start hanging out. You date. You get married. Eventually you have kids and tell them how you met over an anonymous website.

When I read the site, I assume anyone posting about a brunette female is talking about me. That’s legitimate, right?

I bet some people (definitely not Jessie) like to go on think of inappropriate things to post. I’m sure no one actually does that…

Did you find a post that was hilarious/desperate/creepy? Post it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Grow some cojones, UNI

  1. I'm a blonde male says:

    I’m looking at a brunette female at my apartment.

    Ur always at my apartment. We should hang out sometime cuz ur kinda cute….kinda

    • Jessie,
      Even when you legitimately comment with your correct email address, it still puts your comments in spam. It must hate your IP address.

      Yes, we should hang out. I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough with you yet though. We should chat online before we ever meet in person.

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