Last week was filled with awards and academia

Last week was a busy week for my family and me. As you know, my dad, my sister and I are all graduating in a few weeks, and this week we had a lot of events to prepare for this momentous occasion.

On Wednesday, Shannon presented her graduate research paper at the UNI Graduate Research Symposium. Most of us were able to go out to lunch afterward (everyone except Shannon, actually) so it was delicious family bonding. Unfortunately, Shannon got a flat tire, which threw some craziness/unpredictability into the day. It was good times (not really).

Thursday, I was awarded the Purple & Old Gold award, which means I’m the top student graduating in the marketing department this semester. Pretty cool, huh? There was a whole shindig at Montage with food, wine and people.

On Friday Dad, Shannon and I were interviewed for This Is UNI. We’re going to have an article about the three family graduations, which I’ll share when it’s published.

On Friday afternoon, Shannon was one of seven students invited to present at a College of Humanities and Fine Arts research festival thingy. She got second! She got a plaque and a Kindle (dibs on the Kindle). We went out to dinner after and enjoyed margaritas. By “enjoyed margaritas” I mean I got a little silly off 1/2 a margarita while everyone else had either a non-alcoholic drink or a drink that didn’t make them silly.

Saturday was my thesis presentation. I know, exciting, right? I gave my half hour presentation at 9 a.m. and busted the joint to go back to bed. I’m glad my thesis process is over, it means I’m that much closer to graduating.

It was a fun week with a lot of family time. Though she wasn’t mentioned, my mom came almost all of these events (everything except the interview). We’ve probably seen of enough of each other for a while, but lord knows we’ll see each other within a week. (We really will. Next week is Easter.)

It’s an exciting time for our entire family, and there will never be another time in our lives like this, so we’re enjoying it while it lasts!

Update: I just found out I am Summa Cum Laude, meaning I’m in the top 3% of GPAs in UNI’s College of Business. Now I will be wearing three medals on graduation day! I guess all my hard work really did pay off!


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