Wacky Products

I work with an adjunct marketing professor who looooves showing her night class silly products. When she finds really good ones, she’s nice enough to share them with me.

Toilet paper not on a roll. Have you ever gotten to the end of the toilet paper roll and thought “Darn. I wish there wasn’t a cardboard roll here. That would make life so much easier.”? I know I haven’t. But apparently the product is not about convenience–it’s about the planet. Whatever.

Megan's Meanderings Toilet Paper Not on a Roll

Shoot A Brew. Or as I like to call it: Cooler Canon. This contraption takes tailgating laziness to a whole new level. In the video below, the people are still standing and walking…I see no reduction in effort, yet I see an increase in laziness. It defies the laws of common sense.

The Snuggie Sutra. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I’m not going to post a picture of it or a link to it because it’s much too inappropriate (I don’t generally even discuss inappropriate things on here, but this product is just too funny), but these days you can find anything with Google. (Disclaimer: This is NOT a product you should Google at work.)

All of these toys. Who let these products get through testing? Pictured below: My Cleaning Trolly, Breast-Feeding Doll, Oreo Barbie. Not pictured: Harry Potter Vibrating Broom, My Beautiful Mommy (a book about your mom’s boob job), homeless girl doll and more.

Cleaning Trolly Megan's Meanderings Breastfeeding Doll Megan's Meanderings Oreo Barbie Megan's Meanderings

Thanks Cindy Angel at IDM for the silly product leads. Do you know of any other really weird products? Post them in the comments.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to mention any of these products. No one sent me products to try and no one bribed me to write this post. I’ve never actually tried any of these products, I just think they’re silly and worthy of sharing.


One thought on “Wacky Products

  1. Joan says:

    Very enlightening! Now I’m on the lookout for silly products – which I’ll of course pass along to you if I find any!
    Aunt Joan

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