I’m no longer a poor college student. I graduated.

About a week ago, I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Sweet. I’m done.

If you read this blog, you know my whole family graduated. We got print coverage, and we also had a story on our local news station, KWWL, called “A Family Affair: father and daughters graduate together.” (There’s a print story and a video at that link.)

The day of graduation was pretty exciting. The three of us arrived at the McLeod Center, and right when we got out of our car, someone said, “Hey, it’s that family!” We’re not used to getting recognized, so it was weird.

Of course, the first lady Michelle Obama was our commencement speaker. She gave a great speech. She did talk about Osama Bin Laden’s death, so that was weird, but at least I had a memorable speaker!

My dad walked across first with his fellow Doctoral peeps. Shannon walked second with the Graduate College. I walked third with the College of Business Administration.

Here are pictures of all of us after the commencement ceremony:

Megan's Meanderings  Megan's Meanderings Three Graduates

As you can see, Dad wins in size, Shannon gets second and I lose. But I win in medals! We’re calling it an all around tie :)

After commencement, the whole family headed to the Brown Bottle to enjoy some delicious Italian food. Then we headed to the Horn household to open gifts.

It was a fun (but long) day. Now I’m onto the next phase of my life–I start full time at ME&V in a few weeks–and I can’t wait!


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