Things You Learn in a Racquetball Court

racquetballI’ve started working out again. I know, I’m pretty much one month on, one month off. It happens.

This time when I went, the basketball court was taken up by stupid little kids, so I played racquetball by myself instead. I had some major realizations while I was in that enclosed space:

  • Racquetball courts are what I imagine solitary confinement to be…except bigger and less sweaty.
  • If you play the short way (against the side walls), it’s really hard.
  • Who decided to spell racquetball with a “c”? Why can’t it be “racketball” or even “raquetball”?
  • When you play alone, you can hit the ball as hard as you want without worrying about hitting your friend and giving her a bruise (sorry, Tracy).
  • You shouldn’t try to do wall jumps, even if you’re by yourself.
  • I feel rebellious when the door recommends that I wear protective eye gear but I don’t.
  • You should play on the courts without windows if you want to keep your dignity.
  • My backhand needs some work.
My racquetball session was a great time for reflection. Next time, I’ll take paper and a pen so you can enjoy all the unnecessarily unnecessary thoughts like these.

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