My Super Sleep Study

I had to do a sleep study yesterday, and, well, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

I thought it was going to be awesome–sleeping all day? Sounds like my kind of study. False.

Apparently in the sleep study I had to do, it’s about how long it takes you to fall asleep. So instead of taking nice, long, relaxing naps, I got to fall asleep then they’d wake me up. Five times over a 7-hour period. Five times! That should be cruel and unusual punishment.

In addition to the whole “getting woke up when all I want to do is sleep” thing, the day was lonely. It was seven hours in a room…by myself. I had a nurse who came in and told me when it was time to nap (and, of course, wake up), but that was it. No other human contact. I did have phone and email, but it just wasn’t enough.

To measures all my brain activity (which I’m sure was off the charts), I had to wear electrodes. I had like 12 of them around my head–by my eyes, on my chin, behind my ears and all up in my hair. They made it hard to move, hard to get comfy and really hard to eat the delicious hospital lunch.


All the awesome electrodes attached to me. You can't even see the ones on my head.


Many, many cords that were attached to me all day.

So for those of you wanting to participate in a sleep study, make sure you’re doing one of the long, overnight studies…not one of the “we’re going to wake you up every time you fall asleep” studies. Trust me.

I’m pretty sure I was more tired after the study than I was before it. Oh, and I still have goop in my hair from the electrodes. Sweet.


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