I Got a Dog

I had dogs all my life. Ever since Pepe came in the house and I ran and hid when I was 3.

That is, until I went to college.

In college, it’s tough to have dogs. I was in the dorms, in no-dog apartments, had wacky schedules, and moved every year.

When I got my house (I may have purchased a house mainly to get a dog…don’t judge me), one of my first to-dos was getting a dog. And this weekend, it finally happened! After 6 years of no dog, I’m back to dog-owner status.

I didn’t have any clue what I wanted. People asked what size and what breed, but I truly didn’t care. I cared about the dog’s personality. I knew I didn’t want a puppy, but other than that, I was pretty open.

IMAG0419I wanted to adopt from the Cedar Bend Humane Society—I’ve been volunteering there for several months. So I took a half day on Friday and headed out there. I walked around for about 45 minutes, looking at the dogs, taking them for walks, and getting to know them. There were a couple I got along with, but I fell in love with Violet.

I got the folder from the adoption ladies and read up on her. She’s a cairn terrior who was a companion pet for an older gentleman until he passed. She lived on a farm with his family for a while, but they couldn’t keep her, so they took her to the shelter.

As a companion pet, she’s super cuddly. She doesn’t leave my side, and she hates when I leave. She follows me everywhere—she can’t have me out of her site.

I wanted a cuddly dog, and that’s what I got.

Violet is 9 years old, which means she would have been at the shelter for a while. People tend not to want to adopt older dogs. I hate to point out the reason because I don’t want to think about that, so I’ll let you figure it out.

She doesn’t really listen when I call her Violet, but she does pretty well with Vi. She’s house trained. She doesn’t really know any tricks. She thinks she’s entitled to always be on my lap and to sleep in my bed. We’ll work on that.

She’s still trying to figure out how to use her bed. She’s getting there.

IMAG0434 IMAG0430 IMAG0436

She found her favorite toy—Gumby. We wrestle and play tug of war and fetch.


Overall, I’d say we’re just a couple of happy ladies. :)


I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures on my Facebook page…I’m going to me one of those Moms who’s constantly taking pictures.

Did I forget any details about her? Feel free to ask questions in the comments.


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