I Went to Mexico…Alone

I’m not a risk taker. I like the familiar. I like the safe. I like my routines.

But…last week I stepped out of my comfort zone (a massive understatement) and went on vacation to Cancun. By myself.

For those of you who know me, this is a surprise for SO many reasons:

  • I don’t really take vacations
  • I’ve never traveled alone
  • I had to leave my Violet for 7 days
  • Like I said, I like safe, routine activities

There are more reasons I’m sure, but my brain is still on vacation.

I want to document some of my vacation here—so you can see it, but mostly so I can remember it when I look back at this post. I’m going to spare you the details, but here’s an overview of my adventure.


I’m a nervous packer. I hate packing. I know I’m going to forget something. Luckily, all I forgot this time was Q-tips. Those are easy to find, even in Mexico. I packed the night before I left, and as I was doing so, had about 5 minutes of, “What the hell am I doing going to Mexico alone!?” Then I got over it.

Dog in Suitcase

Somebody wanted to come to Mexico with her mama.


I flew out of Des Moines at 6 a.m. so I could get to the resort at a decent hour. As you know, when you fly out at 6, you have to be there at 4. Yuck. So I stayed in a hotel Friday night for my Saturday a.m. flight. I was in the hotel for about 7 hours total. Good times.

Hotel Privacy Sign

Not sure why this guy needs privacy…

Everything with the flights went well. I had never been out of the country before, but I figured out customs. It’s surprisingly hard to mess up. I got on my shuttle and headed to paradise.

The Resort

I stayed at the Now Sapphire in Riviera Cancun. It was beautiful. And warm. My balcony view was pretty awesome.

Riviera Maya Cancun

I could also see the ocean…kind of.


I kept very busy with a variety of activities: swimming, drinking, tanning (burning), drinking, playing volleyball, dancing, drinking, reading, eating, walking, socializing, and drinking.


My morning routine: reading on the balcony.

I wore shorts, tank tops, and sandals the entire week. It was amazing. My phone says it’s 47 degrees right now in Iowa, and it’s supposed to freeze tonight. Stupid. I did get blisters from wearing sandals the whole time, but if that’s my worst complaint, I’m calling the trip a success!

foot blisters

Blister scabs. Gross.

I’ll spare you the more detailed activities of my 4-ish days at the resort (call, email, Facebook, or text me if you want them). But I will say, I had a blast and met a ton of amazing people. I would 100% do it again. Shoot, I plan on doing it again soon.


Now I’m back home. It feels good, but I could have stayed at that resort for at least another week. If Violet could have come with me, I’d never come back.

sleeping dog

Somebody looks happy to be home.

I didn’t understand how awesome a vacation like this could be until I did it. I took a chance, did something scary, and now have memories that will last a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “I Went to Mexico…Alone

  1. Megan, when you’re mom mentioned in an email that you were in Cancun, I thought, “Good for her!” The last thing I would have thought was that you had gone by yourself. Pretty awesome. (I have a hard time sitting in a restaurant by myself – even a fast food one – let alone going to a foreign country on my own!) So I want to say, “Good for you!” except this time it’s not just because you allowed yourself to take a vacation, but because you took the huge leap to do it alone. I am glad you came back home, though :)

    • Thanks, Aunt Joan. It was a blast. It wasn’t so bad going alone…I met people, but definitely had to be independent and OK with saying, “Table for one.”

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